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This page provides a list of all my published work. As you read through the list, you will find flash fiction (under 1,000 words), short stories, a drabble (100 words), and even a poem! Most of my work falls into the wide genre of speculative fiction, but you will find literary and mainstream here, as well.

Links to live stories and/or where you can purchase a print copy are provided. Many e-zines keep online archives, so some of my stories are available even after the next issue launches. Others do not, so those stories are no longer available. If they are ever available again (in another venue or in an anthology), I will update the links here!

I’ve also included a brief description of the work to whet your appetite. For more detailed information on each piece (including tidbits about my inspiration and the writing process for each piece), go to my blog and click on the “My Stories” category.

  • “The Apprentice” at Residential Aliens, Volume 6/Issue 7, December 2012. My 2nd story in the RA online ‘zine. Sometimes, the Game must change in the middle of play.
  • “The Vote” at Every Day Fiction. July 4, 2010. My 8th story at EDF! Also available in EDF’s third print anthology — purchase a copy here.  At what point, during the zombie apocolypse, do the ends no longer justify the means?
  • “Dinner for Three” at A Thousand Faces, November 2009. The e-zine has ceased publication, but you can still purchase a print copy here. This is my third story in ATF! It’s hard to get back into the dating game after a divorce, even if you’re a superhero.
  • “The Wall” at Hypersonic Tales, September 2009. My first audio fiction! Sadly, it appears that this ‘zine has closed. Look into Chaos at your own risk.
  • “Frigid” at Every Day Fiction, August 21, 2009. My seventh story at EDF! Also available in EDF’s second print anthology — purchase your own copy here. Breakups can be nasty — the trick for Christine is to stay calm, cool, and collected.
  • “The Last Ball at Concord House” at 10Flash, July 2009. This market has ceased publication, but the archives will still be online for a while.  A librarian crashes a high society ball and finds more secrets than she’d bargained for.
  • “Not Your Kind of Heathen” at Afterburn SF, March 14, 2009. This ‘zine has ceased publication; however, NYKoH was reprinted in ResAliens Issue 5, the print version of Residential Aliens. Purchase a paperback copy or download a copy hereFaith is a girl’s biggest weapon in the fight against the undead.
  • Honor Bound” at Every Day Fiction, February 15, 2009. My sixth story at EDF! A woman comes face-to-face with her past and is in for the fight of her life.
  • “The Care and Feeding of Your Sleeping Knight” at Every Day Fiction, January 15, 2009. My fifth story at EDF, and part of their Top 10 Stories list for several months running! Also available in EDF’s second print anthology — purchase your own copy here. What happens to a poor knight if his true love is not forthcoming to break the spell?
  • “Fortune Cookies” at Every Day Fiction, December 26, 2008. My fourth story at EDF! Also available in EDF’s second print anthology — purchase your own copy hereWhat do those little numbers on the back of the fortunes mean?
  • “Dog Vision” in FlashShot, December 12, 2008. This market has ceased publication, and my story is no longer available in the archives.
    What does your dog really see when he’s barking at nothing?
  • “Eyes in the Rearview Mirror” in The Houston Literary Review, September 2008 issue. This market is no longer available. On the worst day of her life, Paige finds comfort in a surprising location.
  • “Hair’s Breadth” in Mirror Dance, Winter 2008 issue. Be careful what you wish for, especially when you invoke a love spell.
  • “The Sorcerer’s Wife” in Residential Aliens, Volume 2/Issue 11, November 2008. The story was reprinted in ResAliens Issue 2, the print version of the ‘zine. For info on purchasing a copy, click hereWhen a vision of the past comes calling and offers you everything you thought lost forever, what would you sacrifice to get it all back?
  • “Inspiration” in Every Day Poets, November 22, 2008. EDP is the sister site of Every Day Fiction. My first published poem takes a surreal look at the provocative and sometimes painful creative process.
  • “Bridge Club” in A Thousand Faces; Issue 6, Fall 2008. This story was the Editor’s Choice for this issue. The ‘zine is no longer online, but you can still purchase a print copy. This is my second story in ATF! Ever wonder what superheroes wives do while their husbands are out saving the world?
  • “A Million Faces” in Every Day Fiction; October 25, 2008. My third story at EDF! Also available in EDF’s second print anthology — purchase your own copy hereShape-shifters can look like anyone or anything, so why can’t this one discover the true face she longs for?
  • “A Castle in the Clouds” in Every Day Fiction; September 14, 2008. My second story at EDF! A girl who lives in the clouds takes a holiday on solid ground.
  • “The Mad King” in AlienSkin e-zine; August/September anniversary issue. This issue is no longer online. The fire pit is this king’s favorite place to send traitors of every stripe. Be careful not to offend his sensibilities!
  • “Alpha” in Electric Spec e-zine; volume 3, issue 2, June 2008. You can download a .pdf of the story or the whole issue in case you want to save it for future readings. The pack wants its new Alpha to take a mate and settle down to a life of pack leadership, but werecoyote Callie has a few ideas of her own.
  • “Glass Angels” in Perpetual Magazine; June 2008. The e-zine closed in June 2009, so this story is no longer available. Sometimes even a life spent in the bosom of the church doesn’t prepare you for what happens next, and the answers aren’t as easy as you might think.
  • “The Dragon Thief” in Static Movement; June 2008 issue. Reprinted in Kings of the Realm: A Dragon Anthology, published by Lame Goat Press in February 2010. When you make your living pilfering dragon treasure, like Reginald, you think you know where the danger lies, but looks can be deceiving.
  • “The Widow and the Stranger” in Allegory; Issue 6/33, Spring 2008. This issue is no longer online. A mysterious stranger opens Sarah Kirby’s eyes to the wide world outside of her home parish and makes her realize that perhaps there is more to life than widowhood.
  • “Zero to Clean in Ten Minutes or Less” in A Thousand Faces; Issue 4, Spring 2008. This ‘zine is no longer online, but you can read this story by purchasing a print copyHow difficult is it to clean the house when you have super speed?
  • “The Talon” in Arcane Twilight; Volume 3, Issue 1, March 2008. The e-zine went on hiatus after the September 2008 issue, but my story is still available in their archives. Layla is a Talon, a highly trained mercenary  who commands great fees by being willing to take an oath to see her mission to the end, but when she contracts to escort an aging sorcerer across the kingdom, she may have gotten more than she bargained for.
  • “Remember?” in Every Day Fiction; February 22, 2008. “Remember?” was included in EDF’s first anthology — you can purchase your very own copy hereMemories are what you make of them.
  • “Mutiny” in Sporty Spec: Games of the Fantastic; November 2007. This print anthology is available from various print venders, including AmazonWhen you play a living game, you expect your pieces to obey your commands, but if you want to be a good commander, you have to earn the respect of your men.
If you enjoy any of my stories, I’d love to hear about it. You can comment here or on that piece’s entry on the blog. Some of the e-zines also offer commenting and voting features so readers can show their appreciation.
Happy reading, y’all!

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  1. [...] Erin’s Stories Erin M. Kinch’s musings upon the writing profession [...]

  2. [...] Erin’s Stories Erin M. Kinch’s musings upon the writing profession [...]

  3. [...] Erin’s Stories Erin M. Kinch’s musings upon the writing profession [...]

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