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This Puts It in Perspective…

I just read this post over at Jennifer Jackson’s agent blog.

The highlights: Out of over 6,000 queries last year, this literary agent requested a mere 26 partials and manuscripts, and out of that, she only took on TWO new clients.

Really gives a little context, huh? Even when I do get this novel of mine revised to perfection, it’s still a crap shoot. But, like I’ve always said, I would be writing anyway, so I might as well put it out there (when it’s ready of course). But, man…

I guess Han said it best: “Never tell me the odds.”

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It’s That Time of Year Again

I don’t know what it is about summer. Maybe it’s the hot weather keeping us inside? Or maybe it’s a more relaxed daily schedule (it’s amazing how many non-school-related activities take hiatus in the summer)? Or maybe it’s the annual work lull (plenty to do, but no pressing deadlines or overtime)? Whatever it is, the past two years, my only short story submissions were in the summer. Last year, I submitted a piece in July (it was eventually rejected). And this summer (earlier this week, in fact!), I actually submitted two pieces. We’ll hope they recieve more love than last year’s offering did.

As much as things are busy and crazy, I have not abandoned writing completely. Lately, I have been tinkering around with novels. For some reason, short fiction plot bunnies have not been nibbling on my brain as much as they once did. But, I found a few older pieces that I like and have had fun polishing them up the past few days. And it whets my appetite for more. It’s amazing how much better a story can look when you haven’t read over it in a couple of years. (Well… sometimes. Other times you cringe more than you did whe you actually wrote it!)

Of course, having submissions out there somewhere immediately brings on that impulse to check one’s writing email account multiple times a day. (I didn’t check it for, like, six months, and now I’m checking it daily.) Of course, I don’t anticipate a response to either submission for a while. Optimistically, we’re looking at late September/early October. Ah, the life of a writer…

In this fit of writing activity, over the weekend I even went through my story page and made sure all the links were up-to-date (several of the e-zines had closed their doors… boo!). So, now, if you click on one of the remaining links, you can be assured that you will at least get where you’re going. So, check it out, if you’ve a mind to.

Happy writing, everyone! (And, if you’re not a writer, happy reading!)

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