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The Last of Harry Potter

It’s the end of an era. There will be no more new Harry Potter. The books are long done, and now the movies are, too. I got to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 tonight, and it was quite good.

There’s always a sense of loss when something really good ends, isn’t there? I’ll never have that sense of anticipation again of waiting for the next Harry Potter book to come out, of attending the midnight release party, of holding a brand new, unread copy in my hands. The story has been told, and it’s over. I can re-read them and visit the universe again, but it will never be new again.

R0wling created such a vivid universe with the Harry Potter series. And it was so well plotted. Things from the beginning that worked fine then, but take on a whole new meaning when seen in the context of the whole series. Sometimes I wonder how much was painstaking outlining and revision to make things match up and how much was that wonderful sort of zen thing that comes over you when you’re with story and somehow you get to the end and the most brilliant things line up that you hadn’t even realized when you were trying to get it all down as fast as you can type.

Coming down from a story like that is bittersweet. Part of me always wonders if I will ever be able to write something that good, something that will touch so many people. Or even a more modest number of people. Then again, I bet Rowling never thought her little stories would become such a phenomenon when she was scribbling them down in a cafe in England. So, anything can happen, right?

Anyhow, good bye, Harry Potter. I will come visit again. Definitely when the girls are old enough to be introduced into your hallowed hallways, and possibly before.

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